Ian Townsend



Ian Townsend is a businessman-turned-author from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. After over four decades in finance and with a successful investment company now managed by his three children, Ian has now found time to write historical fiction. Ian Townsend was born in Leeds where he attended Leeds Modern Grammar School, he then commenced accountancy training at 16. Having qualified as a chartered accountant five years later, he moved to the Bahamas working for what is now KPMG. After two and half years, Ian returned to England in 1979 and settled in Harrogate where he quickly established his own accountancy practice. This proved to be the start of a successful career in business that covered many sectors including medical, leisure, packaging and property. Throughout his career, Ian maintained his love of sport, in particular cricket, which eventually led to him serving on the Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s Members Committee for seven years. Though Ian’s life was dominated by business and sport, he also held a great interest in history and the arts. While renovating a historic property in central Harrogate, Ian and his wife of 35 years, Mandy Townsend, began an intensive period of historical research about Harrogate in the Victorian era. One discovery led to another and eventually the revelation that the richest woman in England had sought refuge in Harrogate in 1838. This was the inspiration for Precarious Fortunes which spins a gripping tale around true-life events and characters of 1830’s Harrogate and England.

A Note From the Author
Like most things in life a team is needed and Precarious Fortunes is no exception. As is evident from my CV I favoured maths at school and tended to take English lessons lightly. As a consequence knocking my story into shape needed expert help and I was very fortunate to have Tamara Hartley as a neighbour. Without her technical expertise together with her boundless enthusiasm for this project the finished product would have been one of immense frustration to my former English teachers.


                                         Tamara Hartley

tamaraTamara Hartley is a freelance proof-reader, copy-editor and copywriter. Her love for the written word was firmly established in her early teens, leading to an English Degree from Royal Holloway College, London University in 1993. She has enjoyed a successful career in advertising, marketing and graphic design, working for agencies in London and Yorkshire. Tamara’s appreciation for the power of communications and her experience in liaising between clients and creative departments provided her with a secure foundation when launching her freelance business in 2011. Tamara lives with her husband and three children in North Yorkshire.


                                           Terry Nicholson

Once Tamara had finished editing we then needed a typesetter and once again fortune smiled on me as near neighbour Terry Nicholson calmly took control of delivering a superbly presented product. In addition to everything else he deserves a medal for the time he spent with me tweaking the design of the front cover. Terry can be found at Croft Publications.